Enrico Bartolini is one of the most promising national chefs . He wasn’t ever 30 when he was awarded the first Michelin star, the second was awarded when he just reached the age of 33 (2013, editor’s note) and he now appears in the team of Chef Ambassador for Expo Milano 2015. His ingredient at the Universal Exposition is the eggplant, because it’s light for transportationship and a challenge to those who have never loved this fruit, often mistaken for as a vegetable. In London and Paris he enhances an innate talent, even before exercising academical preparation. Enrico then returned to Italy and made the decision to give that certain luster to Brianza, by opening his own restaurant, Devero, found just a few kilometers from Milan. His signature is behind the menu which the airline Emirates decided to launch in 2014 for the Milan-New York route. His philosophy? Strictly contemporary classic.



Devero Ristorante - Largo Kennedy, 1


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