Poltu Quadu is a district of the city of Olbia the name of the district in Sardinian Logudorese means “hidden port” and could easily be confused with the toponym Poltu Quatu referred to an island tourist center located in the municipality of Arzachena; the meaning is the same but expressed in the Gallura variant.

Region: Sardinia

Country: Italy

Time zone: UTC + 1

Language: Italian

Currency: Euro


Born in the early seventies with the construction of popular buildings and then with the construction of cooperative apartments, with the development of the airport and commercial area, thanks to the panoramic sea position and well connected with some important regional roads, the district has further developed with the construction of areas for residential and commercial use and with the construction of a pleasure craft port.

In the last decade it has been extended on an area already called Sa Marinedda, but currently more known by the olbia with the name of Olbia mare, where there is a modern shopping center, a new hotel and important commercial spaces such as I.S.O.L.A. for the sale of Sardinian craft products.

How to get there

Poltu Quatu extends on a hill along the state road 125 Orientale Sarda, at the confluence with the state road 199 for Sassari, near the branch road for the state road 131, between the airport area and the sea of the inland gulf of Olbia, in Sardinia.

Sport & Nature

Marina dell’Orso of Poltu Quatu is a fjord, characterized by being an inlet sheltered from strong wind and excessive sea currents. For this reason it is particularly welcome, especially from those who want to browse more you can admire the beautiful island of Caprera, included in the Archipelago National Park of La Maddalena. To the south of the marina, in the inland waters of the gulf there are important mussel farms, tasty bivalve molluscs, well known and appreciated all over the island.